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Owner, photographer and makeup artist at Glamscape Boudoir

Just like you, I have searched for a boudoir experience to see myself from a different perspective. I wanted to see myself as a confident woman that looked sexy, glamorous and strong. I have had many insecurities through my entire adult life. To this day, I still struggle with acne, weight gain and even a not so perfect smile. Through all of that, I have learned to see myself as a beautiful woman and mom. I am a two-time c-section Mama and have the pooch as proof. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT? I am beautiful and so are all of the other woman that struggle to see it.

Who should have a boudoir session?

Women like me and women like you. Whether you need to explore the endless possibilities of your beauty or if you already know you are one badass babe. I am here to document both.

What you should know about me.

I am a very soft-spoken person and friendly person. This really translates into my business as an uplifting and supportive photographer. Not everyone comes out of their shell easily and stepping in as a friend and a photographer is what I do best. 

Meet Taylor

TAYLOR AND HER HUSBAND (image by Andrea Moore)
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